Pass Plus

Pass Plus training is a short driving course and it helps people to become better drivers. To take these Before taking Pass Plus in Barnsley you’ll need to have passed driving test beforehand.

You can take the Pass Plus course at any stage. However, it’s better to take it within the first 12 months of pass the test. This is because new drivers are at very high risks of having, or being involved in a road traffic accident during this time.

After you have successfully finished Pass Plus you will be given a certificate from the DVSA. With this, you could get a discounted motoring insurance.

Pass Plus requires a minimum of 6 hours of practical training. There are 6 module which covers driving in, on or at:

  • Town Roads
  • All Weathers
  • Rural Roads
  • Dual Carriageways
  • Night
  • Motorways

The course is conducted by a Pass Plus registered Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). There is no test to take at the end. During the course you ADI will assess and grade how well you drive.